Aug 7, 2015

Judicial Council of California issues formal response to my post about Kerri Keenan

This is the formal response from the Judicial Council regarding my post on former Humboldt County Superior Court CEO Kerri Keenan:

"The Judicial Council does not comment on personnel and personnel-related matters.  The Humboldt Superior Court has hired Mike Tozzi as interim Court Executive Officer to replace Kerri Keenan, who retired, and tasked him with conducting a review of court operations, including management and staffing structure, budget and spending, and technology.  The Judicial Council will provide assistance if requested."

The Judges will not be able to respond for the same reason and I did not expect them to and I preferred a response from the Judicial Council.

It seems from the observations I have made in the last couple of days that the interim CEO is seeking input. Will that result in a change in rhe Humco Wild Superior Court culture in court administration management. And by administration, I don't mean the Judges. Will staff, attorneys, the Judges and the public see positive changes? Just a new CEO won't change things. All management positions need to be scrutinized.

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